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Professional Photography Course In Hyderabad. No matter what, Photography is a blessing to us. Why is it a blessing you may ask? Imagine yourself living in a world where you can’t capture a moment that reminds you of your beauty, victories, tragedies, happiness and other valuable moments! Imagine GOOGLE with no “images” button to click on, what a nightmare it is? Imagine no selfies at all in a world that only talks visually. It’s horrible. isn’t it!


Professional Photography Course In Hyderabad THE FIRST CLICK !

Photography was a mere dream to come true then. Remember the experiment of a pin hole camera we used to have in our physics books ! That’s how it all started about 3000 years ago.


A pin hole camera is a small device which allows light through a small opening which reflects and projects the image upside down.


Many artists with the help of this pin hole camera which is technically called ‘Camera Obscura’ used by artists to trace down the drawings of objects to make their art piece done easily.


Camera Obscura takes a lot of patience and a skilled hand. But, needed was a simpler and easy ways to capture an image, and, one man who was obsessed with this idea was Nicéphor Niépce.


Professional Photography Course in Hyderabad teaches you the essence of talking with the frames. How great it is to make an image permanent! It needs scientists curiosity and dedication towards it. Needless to say, Niépce was the one. He tried all strange things, like adding helium to Camera Obscura and a lot. After 6 years of trial and errors and his dedication, he found the formula. The first photo was taken in the year 1826. It depicts the scene from the upstairs window of his house.



After Niépce experimented on early photographic process, Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre officially invented photography and later, the lens was introduced by his colleague Charles.


Later Josef and Max Petzval developed a new and better version of it. The next revolution of lens occurred in the year 1930. Zoom lenses were developed, movie cameras were developed and the revolution continued.


Photography was very expensive then, it was only for genius scientists, wealthy people, until Kodak showed up. Kodak created a major revolution in the world of photography where photography wasn’t expensive anymore and anyone could capture a moment.


Now, we can take pictures anytime on DSLRs, phones.A large variety of techniques are being used in photography. A photograph can say a million words, it is a medium where a person can see from a clear, different perspective and can change the structure of the society too. Photography has become a major part of our lives. It’s very important to know the history of this as it connects us to the thought that hovers in a part where we start to think how things have changed from paintings and drawings to photography where we could just aim, click and done. Here we are now, going click! Click! Click! Capturing every moment of our life whether it is a happy or a tragic moment. How amazing it is that we could just see photographs and recollect every moment. Thanks to them!!!


Come, learn the art of capturing beauty in fraction of second. Also, learn editing them like you wish using Adobe Photoshop used by millions of photographers, designs, artists and illustrators across the globe. Photoshop allows you the mask, retouch and layer images as you wish.





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