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Vray Course


What is VRAY course in Hyderabad?

VRAY is software more responsible for computer-generated imagery rendering which is developed by a Bulgarian company in the year 1997. VRAY acts as a plug-in for third-party 3D computer graphics software applications used for visualizing and computer graphics in industries like entertainment, media, film and video productions, architecture, product design and industrial design.


Any design that cannot be communicated well is as good as no design. The main job as Architects, designers and artists are to communicate their ideas effectively. That when VRay gives its introduction, it is a universal plugin. It acts as an engine behind turning all your realistic designs into 3D modelling software. Although, there are so many rendering plug-ins out there, finding the one that best works for you need a lot of exercise, patience and trial and error sequence.


History of VRAY course

VRAY software is named after the co-founder and head of software development, the makers of VRAY are passionate about programming and 3D graphics. VRAY was released in March 2002 and its been 16 years now. While V-RAY was in use for film rendering which was entirely done in V-RAY, most commercial cloud rendering services are developed to support the complex pipelines of visual effects and animation studios, they V-RAY providers wanted to create an extremely simple cloud rendering solution for any artist and designer to use.


Uses of VRAY course classes in Hyderabad


1. Distributing rendering

2. Fully multithreaded core

3. Acts as a multi-platform, object-oriented API

4. For Modular architecture, many components can be replaced with custom ones

5. VRAY is real fast

6. Best recommended for realistic visualization

7. Works at a great speed for quick animations

8. Works with Rhino, 3Ds MAX and SketchUp

9. Uses extensive material library and resources

10. Very useful for GPU rendering for artists to get better and fast results.

11. Easy to communicate ideas for Architects, designers and artists.

12. Has an ocean of options to explore


New features in VRAY


1. Frame buffer

2. Shaders

3. Illumination

4. Camera effects

5. Image sampling

6. Render output

7. Geometry

8. Speed improvement

9. Bucket rendering

10. Use of Embree

11. DR Use/Don't use the local machine

12. DR Automatically Cache render assets

13. Probabilistic Volume Grid Rendering

14. Max Ray Intensity

15. Probabilistic Lights

16. Render Mask

17. V-Ray Standalone

18. Variance-Based Image Sampling

19. Standalone Denoiser

20. Resumable Rendering and so on.....


Here is the list of 3D applications supported by V-RAY:


1. Autodesk 3ds Max

2. Autodesk Revit

3. Maya

4. Nuke

5. Modo

6. Softimage

7. Rhinoceros

8. SketchUp

9. Cinema 4D

10. Blender

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